The Mad Crafter

Saturday, January 13, 2007



Is it really January already?

This year (all two weeks of it) has been insane. Parents send their children to school sick. We teachers bring home the germs. Our spouses fall ill. We, with our super-awesome preschool-teacher immune systems, succumb to the dreadful stuff, as well.

The up side of that, of course, is that I've had some much-needed time at home to think and to create.

Last night, I started my first altered book- inspired by the magnetic poetry that lives on my refrigerator. I'm almost done with the first two pages, and I wish I had done this sooner. Being a teacher and book lover, the thought of destroying a (horribly written and illustrated) children's book- even for the sake of art- almost physically hurt me.

In the days before I concocted this altered-book scheme, I made a scarf from my ever-growing yarn stash... It's not quite done, because the ADD was getting to me. But it's there, when I'm ready to weave in the ends and throw the edging up.

All crafty adventures aside, it's a new year. I've got a new niece and nephew, the school-year is half over, and a new semester of college is starting Wednesday. I'm starting this year off fresh. And for once, a positive outlook accompanies me on my journey. I've got a plan, goals.

Photography. A life-long love of mine. And Wednesday is the beginning of my photography class. Not only can I learn to maneuver the SLR camera that was my great-grandfather's, but I can meet people who have the same interest as me. My goal for my photography is to improve.

Writing. Starting this semester, I am officially an English major. I'd like to reach the point that I'm writing something meaningful every day, even if it only holds meaning to me, in my own private journal. I'll be blogging more, and doing some creative writing, until I feel comfortable doing something that used to be as natural as breathing.

My Tattoo! It may happen tomorrow. But... we're dealing with inclement weather, and if the roads are too bad to venture out, I will have my tattoo by my birthday in July.

Etc. Of course, there are other goals, none of which mean anything to anyone but me. I'm walking more, eating more healthfully, drinking water, smoking fewer cigarettes... And by summer, we'll be living somewhere new (come hell or high water).

Much Love and Crafting!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Around and Around and Around

With two babies due within the next few weeks, my hands have been incredibly busy. I had expected to post a little sooner than this, but here's my holdup:

The picture isn't the best (my camera's battery was almost dead, and I was still half asleep), but this is for my best friend's daughter, Lily. It's two strands throughout, Lion Brand Microspun. It's been an adventure, as the strands aren't twisted very tightly and keep splitting. But I'm liking this more and more as I get further into it... My checking account doesn't like it, and will like it even less when I have to order my blue and purple this weekend (I'm starting the green tomorrow).

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Humble Introduction

So, here I am... And because I'm not great with talking about myself (okay, that's a lie, but I'm not good at giving basic info that people care about), I'll give a quick run-down of me, in a nutshell.

My name is Lainie (pronounced lay-knee. I know, it's a hard one. lol). I'm twenty years old and am a Head Start teacher in Kansas. I'm currently attending a community college and working toward a degree in secondary education (English). I live with my boyfriend, Brian, and Kitty (our cat) in an apartment the size of a shoebox.

I'm always doing something. Most days of late I've been working insanely to get some baby afghans done for a niece and nephew due withing days of each other next month. But, there is always the random useless project I'm doing for myself, or scrapbooking pictures of my kiddos from work, for their portfolios.

So, expect pictures and all kinds of randomness in the way of stories from me in the future... For now, though, I'm off to take my kid brother's senior pictures.